It is time that I stopped caring

Every time I hear about other parents accepting their sons and daughters for being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, etc, I end up getting pissed because I remember when I was 16 telling my step mom that I am Bi Sexual, she kept telling me that I am straight. Maybe it is time that I need to stop giving a damn because I know my step mom will NEVER accept me for being Bi. And that is fine. To her, it was ok for people to be Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, etc, but when it was me, it is like, Oh No you are going to be Straight. She basically wanted me to grow up wanting me to be like her. She wanted me to be straight, love going to church, and to love christ. I became the complete opposite of what she wanted me to be and I am glad I became the opposite of what she wanted me to be.

For years, she and the family tried to keep me from know anything about Lucifer. She wanted me to believe that christ only existed. To only believe that christ only existed is pretty sad. jesus has never helped me with my life and nor my step mom either. I was basically led to suffer alone for those years.

But you know, how can you trust people like them who never wanted to show you support for who you are. My step mom has defended people against me and you know how disgusting that is? IT IS REALLY FUCKING DISGUSTING. I am glad she is out of my life and I am glad that I cut all contact with her a few years ago. That was the best thing I have ever done with my life even though the crazy bitch has been stalking me online since ever I got with my husband in person in April 2014.

     I have learned that if  your parents don’t except you for who you are, there are other people who will give a damn.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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