Learn about getting guided and feeling Lucifer’s presence

A lot of people want to get guided by Lucifer but sometimes they do not know how to get guided by him. Getting guided by him is very important. The most important is to get to know him and to start a friendly relationship with him. He is a great guide and a great teacher. If you want him to teach you then you must let him because if you don’t then you won’t learn.

  • Feeling his presence can be different for many.
  • When I feel his presence I most likely just feel his energies.
  • Every time I have felt his presence they felt warm.
  • Sometimes that person may hear a soft whisper in their ear and hear him say something. It may be a calling or something. Who knows.

It depends on you what you think when you experience it.

Energies: One of the ways that he guides me is that I feel his energies. His energies can be very strong or they can feel soft. If he does guide you by you feeling his energies then that is very important for you. Learn about the different energies he gives you. Learn by feeling them and learn what they actually mean.

Dreams: He can come in your dreams and talk to you. He can he show you things that you have never seen before. Some times what he shows you he may want you to keep it to yourself. He may even show himself to you if he chooses to or if he feels that you are ready to. It can be quite an interesting experience. Experiences from him are a great feeling.

Many people have different experiences from Lucifer. Some may have the same ones or some may have a completely different experience than anyone else had. 

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    To me I can feel Him through the thoughts I have when I feel lustful. He is manifesting Himself in encouraging me to get always more lust. So when I think lust, everytime, I also think He is by my side. It’s how I can feel Him the most.

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