Learn about the Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual

A Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual can be very powerful especially when doing it in front of the altar. Offering your lust and your cum to Lucifer, Lilith, or the Demons can also be very powerful. Offering your lust and your cum to them can bring great energy in you and to you. One of the things that can piss off god and his christ is by putting a crucifix on the altar inverted while performing the ritual. Using sex toys or other things for the ritual can bring great stimulation.

I believe the most common one for blasphemy is using the crucifix to masturbate with. For those who get turned on by blasphemy the crucifix will surely be very useful for you. Using the crucifix to masturbate with can be great blasphemy towards god and his jesus and can also piss off many Christians since they believe that jesus died for our sins.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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