Leaving Christianity

Leaving Christianity can be hard when you live with parents that are religious. Trying to convert to Satanism can be especially difficult when the only way you can be one is by keeping it a secret and not telling anyone else. In Satanism, you do not have to become open to be a Satanist. Lucifer will understand about you keeping it a secret. He would rather have you keep quiet if the alternative is having issues with your parents if they find out.

Researching about Satanism

If you want to do some research about Satanism on your computer you should be careful about it. If your parents do look through your browsing history then just delete the ones that are related to Satanism. Don’t delete all entries because they may get a bit suspicious. If you are alone then that is the best time to do the research, (Remember New Satanists, do not get caught because it might not end well). Remember to do some hard research what Satanism is about.

Owning books, jewelry, and etc that are Satanism related

Trying to own books, jewelry, and etc that are satanic related can be really difficult in this situation. If you do have a good spot to hide your stuff and that you know that your parents don’t go to it then use it. If you don’t have one then be very careful and don’t let them see it. Owning books, jewelry, and etc is exciting and a great way start to being a dedicated Satanist. Also, don’t get caught wearing the satanic jewelry.

Practicing Witchcraft at home

When I was living with my step parents, I would draw pentagrams on paper and use them for rituals. I would also get small candles. If you can afford tea light candles then that is great. They are small and pretty great for hiding. When you are going to start practicing rituals you must be very quiet when saying chants, satanic prayers, or other things. The best time do it is when the parents are sleeping or when you are home alone.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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