Let Lucifer guide you

Lucifer by Richard Westall.

Let Lucifer into your life and let him guide you to a better life. Let him teach you the real truth so YOU can free yourself from the bondage and slavery of god. The truth will set you free if you listen to what he teaches. But it is only you that can decide to let him guide you.

He is a great spirit who leads people to the right direction. That right direction can bring great things into your life, but you must stay dedicated to him and to have a heart to follow him. Also, the one thing you must learn; is to never go to him just for what you want. Showing him how greedy you are will make him want to turn away. A wonderful spirit like him who wants to help and guide; you should never turn away from that. Be kind to Lucifer and he will show the same to you.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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