There is always a path to true liberation.
There is much to life than listening to the lies what the church has been telling you. Open your eyes and your mind to what is really true.
Let Lucifer guide you to a path of ETERNAL LIBERATION. Never let anyone lie to you and then claim that what is true when IT IS NOT. Do not let yourself become so gullible. IT IS OK TO QUESTION WHAT YOU HEAR AND READ! There is no shame in wanting to question what the church tells you. If they ever tell you never to question what they say… Start asking them questions. Patronize them only so you can see what they are really saying is a COMPLETE LIE!
The church has been lying to you for many many years. It is time to open your eyes to see that there is more to life than feeling like your a slave to what they are telling you!
Liberate yourselves and feel what real freedom is like!
god, jesus, and the angels are not the way to true liberation! They will only lead you to eternal slavery and misery.