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People believing in false information
The amount of stupidity I deal with mostly on facebook is annoying. Some don’t even bother with wanting to start having a connection with Lucifer. What is the whole point of being a Satanist if they are not going to start a little connection with Lucifer? Many of those who call themselves Satanists don’t even do the proper research. Some will write stuff about Satanism and not even know what it is about, They will go on and make things up and even get false information that is on the internet. Also, many of them don’t even think about questioning the info that is online, they will just believe in everything that is out there. But what they fail to understand is that, Lucifer is the best one to go to for the correct information. Sometimes I wonder if some of these people trust the info on the internet instead of asking Lucifer for the right information.

Lately with some of the information I have been reading about Satanism, I have caught things that are not correct
  1. For the spirits of the LHP, it does not matter what direction you face, they will be there IF as long as you show them respect and to give them a real reason why you want them to be there.
  2. Some say you have to offer something that to specific demon. You do not have to offer anything physical to them. What they want is you to offer your dedication to them.
  3. Are there really 72 demons? No. In the realm that Lucifer is in, there are about 10 billion of them who chose to follow him. They all chose to follow his truth.
  4. What about books on Satanism. I do not trust reading any books on Satanism. I would rather not read any false information. Plus, I would rather get the right information from The Father of All Knowledge (Lucifer).
  5. Is Baphomet a real being? No. Baphomet is just an idea. I could honestly laugh that this one person told me that they sold their soul to Baphomet, Utter nonsense really.
  6. Demon of the day? There is no  such thing as “demon of the day”. All demons deserve to get the respect they deserve at all times.
  7. Some say you have to use a specific incense for the Demons, Lilith, and Lucifer. It doesn’t matter what incense you use. Use what you feel that is more connected to you. The reason I say this, is to use the incense that is more connected to you because it will make the ritual more powerful and also believing it will work, will bring great work into the ritual, Part of WITCHCRAFT is believing that the rituals and spells that will work.

People wanting more of the popularity instead of teaching Lucifer’s truth

It was early last month that I dealt with quite a few idiots. Those who call themselves Satanists don’t even care to even know what Satanism is about. Most of them rather want all the popularity. Popularity… Such a waste of time, especially when it comes to to this path. Again, most of them will do videos and make a lot of stuff up just to get all the popularity they want. Some will try to keep others from learning about Lucifer’s truth. The amount of nonsense and stupidity from these people are not even worth to give them praise or love at all. This one person made a video on her “Selling her soul to Lucifer” and I am pretty sure she was making most of stuff up in that video. What people fail to understand is that, you do not sell your soul to Lucifer. He does not want your soul and nor does he want you to dedicate your soul to him. What he wants is you to dedicate yourself to him.

People watching movies and tv shows that don’t really relate to Satanism at all

I have met people online who call themselves demons, vampires, and whatever the hell else they call themselves. Some even say they were born a demon or even a vampire. Some want to feel higher and more special than the other people around them. Someone told me that they are a “2nd degree satanic priest”. What is a 2nd degree satanic priest? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AT ALL. And like what I have said, that many of people want to feel higher and more special than others.

Like the show Supernatural, some will watch it and automatically think that demons work with angels. In reality DEMONS DO NOT WORK WITH ANGELS! People! It is just a fucking tv show, for fucks sake dammit. The amount of stupidity from these people just makes you want to scream.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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  1. Claire Catherine says:

    Thanks.This help a lot.Some idiots want me to dedicate my soul to Satan.But all they try to get me from is sexuality.Call me “Sweetie” and tell me “I’m a Priest”.And tell me how rich he is.I don’t want to be rich,I just want myself happy.Lilith use to talk to me and help me some stuffs.

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