My Bi-Sexuality

For those who don’t know, I am Bi Sexual. Years ago when I was in high school; I discovered about my sexuality. I was told that I was Bi Curious and I was also told that I was straight many times. I knew and understood who I really was. Being bI made me feel good. I didn’t like it when I was being told that I was straight.

Back in 2010, I remember telling my step mom that I was Bi. Unfortunately, she kept telling me that I was straight. It made me disappointed but I kept being happy that I was bi. What I found very hypocritical about her was that she was ok with others being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, or whatever, but when it was me being myself, she didn’t like it. She wanted me to be straight, to love god, and to go to church. Being straight, loving god, and going to church didn’t appeal to me at all, it was kind of boring :/ . She wanted me to be like her. But thankfully; I didn’t become like her. I chose to be myself and she didn’t like that. Tough that she didn’t like it (Who cares to be honest). I wasn’t going to be like a twin or someone to like everything she liked or whatever, so she can be “happy”.

If someone ever tells you that you are straight when you have told them your sexuality, just ignore them, be yourself, and don’t ever let them make you feel bad or depressed. Not everyone will accept you for who you are, but the best thing you can do is enjoy being who you are and not to let them make you feel bad.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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