My testimony to father Lucifer

When Lucifer introduced himself to me.

My love for Lucifer and the strong relationship I have build with him in the past few years.


When I was little girl I used to be a devout Christian. I thought god was good and jesus was the “savior”. When I was little, I used to go to a Christian school that they would talk about god and christ. During the recess time they had a class or something that they talked about god and christ and they had us color pictures things from the bible I believe. The memory is quite a blur.

This was when I was 10 and a few years younger. Honestly I thought it was boring being in the room talking about god and christ, I would have rather been outside having fun and talking to other kids. Those years were kind lame. Another thing I do remember is that when I was going to that Christian school I started to like dragons. And I know that in the bible the dragon is suppose to represent Lucifer.

I thought dragons were pretty cool and I still think they are cool. I remember seeing some guys older than me wearing these shirts that had dragons on it. It was quite interesting and I actually liked their shirts. Those two guys were actually brothers. They were also devout Christians but I don’t know if they are anymore, I haven’t seen them in forever.

The first time I have ever started having doubts about god was when I was in 9th grade. I remember around that time hearing about earthquakes, a lot of people got killed from them, and I then started to have thoughts that what if it was god doing the damage and killing the people. So much for god’s so called plans for us right? At age 15 I became an Atheist. My step mom did not like the fact that when I became one. She also did not like the fact that I stopped believing in god.

Around the time I was an Atheist my step mom said that she was going to put me back in a Christian school. This was sometime in 2010 when she told me that. When my step mom told me that, I was worried because I didn’t want to go back to one again but luckily she did not have the money to put me in that terrible place. It was a different one from the one I went to when I was little. Back then the thought of going back to a Christian school was horrifying.

It was in the year 2012, when I was still Atheist but on September 5th, 2012 was when Lucifer revealed himself to me. I remember waking up that morning somehow knowing about Lucifer and about Satanism. I am not sure if he showed himself in my dreams. I just cannot remember at all. I know it was a spiritual way for him to reveal himself to me but I don’t how he did it. If Lucifer did show himself in my dream that night, I would love for him to tell me what actually happened.

Before that I did not know that Lucifer and Satanism actually existed. When I was a Christian I wasn’t told about Lucifer and about Satanism. I believe my step mom and the catholic family wanted to keep both a secret from me. I have learned that some Christians parents don’t want their child to know about him because they are worried they that will do further research about him that they do not know about because in the Abrahamic religious they make Lucifer look bad and make him look evil with the red skin, tail, horns, and with a pitch fork and surely that is not how he looks at all, he looks more like us but not in the of mortal body we have. When a religious parent finds out that their son or daughter started following the path of Lucifer, they tend to freak out and panic and want to start forcing them to go to church to find god again.

When Lucifer first introduced himself to me that day I drew this which is kind of funny because I have never seen it before. (I found the picture on my phone.)

I remember that first week I became a Theistic Satanist and started to worship him. It was also that week on the 7th or the 8th when I did the Dedicate your soul ritual to Lucifer from the JOS website. At the time I thought doing the ritual would be powerful but now I just think it is more of a joke. I do not feel that it was an actual dedication ritual to him at all. All I can say is that I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to do that ritual but to rather do their own Dedication Ritual to Lucifer (Lucifer would never promote self harm/cutting of the skin).

I do not remember if it was in September or October 2012 but it was the first time I ever prayed to Lucifer. I remember putting my hand on a picture of him I had on the wall in my room and I asked him to help me not to love my ex bf. Lucifer actually did answer the prayer and I no longer felt that I loved him anymore which was great. My ex bf is a cheater and a player. Lucifer knew that if he got me to not love my ex bf I wouldn’t be in pain or feel hurt anymore.

In mid November 2012, I encountered this spirit who I thought was a demon but was actually an angel disguising himself as as demon to fool me and to manipulate my mind and damn he sure was good at manipulating me. It was late November or December 2012, when he started to lead to me to Orthodox Christianity to find god again and obviously it was god who sent that angel to get me away from Lucifer. But around that time that angel tried to get me confused thinking it was Lucifer leading toward Christianity to see the lies but no it wasn’t him at all (Basically the angel was trying to pose as Lucifer himself). I remember I felt that strong energy from Lucifer telling me not to leave but I was really brainwashed and I wasn’t aware of angels, christ, and god’s manipulations before. If I had knew that the angels, christ, and god actually manipulated people I wouldn’t have left Lucifer to go back to Christianity again. Even though I when left Lucifer to go back to Christianity, I still feel the regrets of wishing that I had not done it.

So being brainwashed, I went back to Christianity to start worshiping god again. I remember being told that Orthodox Christianity was the Original Christianity. It seemed that the Abrahamic religions got into arguments saying they “We are the original religion“.  It was kind of awkward I guess for different religions to be fighting but hey let them fight and get into a war. They might just kill themselves anyways and the less religious people the better.

Now going back to the spirit who decided to fuck with me. The spirit loved to play with my mind. He even tried making my life miserable and getting some people to stay away from me with the bad “negative energy” he was sending out. The person who I hung out with a lot got affected with the bad energy. I don’t exactly remember if I started think that it was Lucifer or not but thinking about it now it surely wasn’t him, he wouldn’t do anything like that.

I do not remember how I got into a relationship with that spirit. I also don’t remember how it happened exactly. But somehow that spirit pretended to love and care for me. The relationship was more like manipulative love than anything else. But I guess they do feed on manipulating other people. He would put hearts in the sky ( Cloud shape). Making me feel that he actually loved me. I was blinded by love and of course a lot of girls will get blinded by love even when it is a spirit. He put the shape of Pennsylvania and his sword. He supposedly pretended to be Pyramid Head from Silent Hill which was kind of not normal.

I remember it was after school I came out of class as saw this. It is supposed to be a scalene triangle with a heat at the bottom. Taken 2013.


I remember when I was at school I drew a heart with a scalene triangle in it then a few hours later I saw it in the sky. Taken 2013.


A heart with the shape of Pennsylvania. On top of PA you can see the sword. Taken in 2012.


I remember he kept putting the number 14 in the sky. I honestly do not know what it even means and I really don’t care to know what it means.

It was in the year of 2016 when I found out that “angel” was actually an angel sent to lie to me by god. He was truly a liar and deceiver. How I found out, I was messaging a friend on facebook messenger about him and we were talking about him being a Nazi wondering why would a demon be a Nazi when most of them were followers of jesus I am suspecting. So after finding out he was actually an angel I was kind of shocked. It turned out that Lucifer and Lilith wanted me to find out about it on my own, so that I would be able to see the truth of things in the future.

A few months before December 5th, 2013 I kept feeling this strong energy from Lucifer telling me to come back but I kept ignoring it. I was so brainwashed to think that Lucifer was the evil one. I thought god was the one who was not evil at all. I also thought god was the one who was the most divine and the most wonderful one to worship but I was wrong.

It was on December 5th, 2013 that I converted back to Satanism. I was very happy to be back with Lucifer again. I was no longer being judged and controlled by Christianity anymore. Satanism is path of freedom and being who you are. After converting back to Satanism, I started to see what life was really about and I was no longer close minded. Coming back to him made me feel power and happiness in the inside. Never again I ever leave Lucifer.

Coming back to Satanism actually made me feel free again and not feeling like I did something guilty like masturbating thinking it was wrong. I have learned that masturbation is normal and it makes you feel good. Feeling like you are being held against something that does not exist is not a great way to live. These past few years being a Satanists again, I have learn that SIN is not real and it was just made up to control the minds of the brainwashed. The brainwashed will follow and obey everything god tells them to do even if it makes them suffer and fear if they start to let go that “god will punish them”.

It was in early 2014 my husband gave me a pendant (The Sigil of Baphomet) and I remember that my step mom took away that pendant and my 3 other ones. She hated them so much. It was before she took my SOB pendant away, I remember going to Chili’s with her that day and I was wearing it. She said that “it was making her feel sick” and trying making me feel shameful for wearing it. It was quite obvious that she did not want me to wear it since it Satanic. She hates Satanism and hates Lucifer but that is fine because I really don’t care.

This was also in early 2014 that my step mom would scream and bitch and tell me “Satan is evil!”. I did not care about what she said because I saw that Lucifer was not the evil one but the one who wants to free us from god’s Slavery. My step mom is a jesus freak. She wanted me to come back to love jesus again and being a god damn christian again and hell no was I going to go back to christianity again. Christianity is one hell of a disease.

Close to the end of April 2014 my step mom threatened to kick me out of the house to send me somewhere far far away for following the path of Lucifer. She was possibly going to send me to some christian camp “to find god again”. Thankfully that never happened.  My step mom is pretty much the type that wants religious freedom but wants to force others like me who is not a jesus lover to love jesus. I have learned that religious freaks needs to put away.

My life being a Satanist makes me really happy. Following the path of Lucifer changed my life and I will never want to go back to that old life again. I am a proud Daughter of Lucifer and a happy Theistic Luciferian Satanist. I am proud to see Lucifer as my God and as my Liberator! Hail my Father, Lucifer!


When I came back to Christianity I was actually trying to sell these but I actually never found anyone to sell them too. I remember I had a thought that what if I converted back to Satanism and decided to come back to Lucifer.

Remember to NOT make the same mistake I did by getting deceived and getting lied to!

To this day I still regret leaving Satanism in December 2012.

And especially leaving Lucifer.
I wish I would have never left him from the beginning. It was one of the biggest fuck ups I have ever made in my entire life. 

To you Lucifer:

“O’ Hail you Lucifer. The greatest teacher ever known and the greatest of them all.
The most beautiful of them all. The one who is the Light, the Truth, and the Liberator.
I hail you Lucifer, the one who I call my Liberator.
You Lucifer, are filled with Truth and Light.”


Never again I would ever want to leave your side, Lucifer.
You do truly make me feel that I really do belong in this path.
Your energies do truly motivate me to stay in this path.
I thank you for guiding me throughout these years.
Your guidance… Has helped me gain strength and has helped me to got me to believe that your path is the path that I should follow for the rest of my life.
You have never backed down on me even when I left you because you knew I would come back to you.
And I thank you for being there even when I messed up badly… You are truly father like to me.
You being father like to me brings me happiness.
Our strong bond we have together… will never break.

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  1. Clintaro Belial Beyers says:

    Gloria Luciferi Excelsi! This my dear beloved sister,are words any dedicated Satanist should embrace.

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