To disrespect Lucifer means that you have no respect for him. If you truly say that you are one of his followers, then you must show him your respect.
When you have disrespected him, I lose all my respect for you. And it may be that I will never want to talk to you ever again. I have high respects for him, but if you don’t then you can go somewhere else because I will not waste my time talking to someone who has no respect towards him especially if you say that you follow him. But to say that you follow him but then disrespect him? Quite uncanny.
If you ever try to contact him after you disrespected him, do not expect him to help you. When you have already done that, you may have lead him away from you. Do not get angry at him when you are the one who has lead him away from you. To lead him away from you can be very serious and if you realize what you have done, you would feel like shit.
For Lucifer to gain that trust, you must need to start to respect him. Understand what you have done that you disrespected him.
Learn to be the wise one that he would have wanted you to be.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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