On Ouija Boards

Now a days ouija boards are not really taken seriously at all. They are pretty much sold in a lot of toy stores… which kind of ruins the purpose them being a spiritual board. I believe that they should only be sold in stores like witchcraft stores that you can go to or the ones that are online that sell stuff for rituals and many other things. You surely expect that ouija boards should be taken seriously since it is a spiritual board to contact spirits.
A lot of people who do not take the ouija board seriously think that it is a game. They have to realize that it is not a game at all. The board is a tool to be able to contact spirits that are in the spiritual realm. But those who think it is a game may not take it seriously until something does actually happen. But when it comes to contacting spirits, you must respect them. If you just use or want to use the board for contacting spirits for fun then please don’t contact any spirits anymore.
Those who are in the spiritual realm should be respected, especially when it is Lucifer, Lilith, those who followed Lucifer before they died. Please do not even try to contact them if you are just going to screw around. Most likely they will just ignore you and not want to waste their time with someone who just wants to play games. Remember that if you are going to contact them, their should be a real reason of why you want to talk to them. Do not expect them to help you immediately. Be patient and they will help you.
The “demons” were those who chose to follow Lucifer in the spiritual realm before this world was created. They were angels before they left heaven to follow Lucifer’s truth. The spiritual beings will help you but you have to remember that you will have to help yourself too. Do not expect them to do everything for you. When you help yourself they will open up something that is good for you. Please do not use the spiritual beings for what you want. You either respect them or you don’t talk to them at all.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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