People telling what others want they to hear

It is often that people in this path will say things that others want to hear just to get popularity and to be well liked. They don’t realize that the more they say that others will want to hear, more they will lead others away from this path, like even spreading lies (Maybe they want to spread lies), or to say that it is ok to work with both demons and angels. 

People who come into this path are clueless about Lucifer and what he teaches. They assume because other people who say that Lucifer is ok for others to work with angels, they will think it is ok. But that doesn’t make it true that he is ok with that but I am not going to convince anyone of that because they will just angry about it and possibly get their feelings hurt. 

The point of getting into this path is to learn the truth and to help spread the truth to others whether they like it or not. And who cares if they don’t like it. What they want is validation and to make themselves feel good. If they want to listen to lies that makes them feel good; that they go to bed happy and feeling comfortable, good for them ? 

The truth is out there, but it is their choice if they want to listen to it. 

-Luciferi Baphomet

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