People who think they can be a Satanist and a Christian at the same time

For quite a few years, I have met people online who believe that they can serve Lucifer and god at the same time. They probably believe that if they don’t serve god at least; that they will end up going to “hell”. Maybe they think that if they keep one in foot in christianity that they are safe? Who knows?

If they think they can serve both Lucifer and god, they are wrong. You cannot serve the one who wants to free you and the other who wants to enslave you forever. Sorry, but that does not work

that way. If you choose to work with Lucifer, you follow him and acknowledge what he teaches and if you want to worship a tyrant; who wants to take control of your life, then go ahead. That is your choice.

But the point is, you cannot be on both sides. It wouldn’t make any sense to be on both sides anyways. And you know what? It wouldn’t surprise me if you think it is ok. And if you think it is ok, then great. Go ahead and play on both sides. Let’s see what happens. If you realize that you have screwed up playing on both sides, then that is great. You have learned something πŸ™‚

Playing on both sides should never ever be done.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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