Practicing on Budget Rituals

A budget ritual is using things for rituals that are not very expensive and that you cannot afford. Like for example, you can get cheap candles and draw out Sigils for the ritual you are going to do. If you can be able to print out a picture of who you are going to do the ritual to or for then you know that is great, but then again if you cannot then draw it out the Sigil. Not everyone can afford the really nice ritual items. Honestly, I do prefer to use candles for rituals because I feel that it works well when I perform them but it also depends on how you feel about using them.

And do not forget, if you do have a pendant of the Sigil of Lucifer or Lilith, or the demons then that would be pretty good to use. But some would prefer to wear the Sigil (pendant) while they perform whatever they are going to do. For example you can use whatever color candle you rather choose but it also depends on the color that you feel truly connected with for the ritual and you can draw out the Sigil. You will also need to think about whatever you are going to say or you can ask someone to help you but if it is private then keep it to yourself and who you are going to do the ritual to or for.

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-Luciferi Baphomet

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