Reasons not to do love and break up spells

Many of us get desperate to do things for love. We may sometimes let love make us go insane. But using Magick to get someone to love you back or get someone to come back to you is not healthy. It is called jealously and being blinded by love. Being jealous and being blinded by love is not good at all.

(Love)-You cannot force someone to love you back. That is not the way how it works. If he/she has lost interest in you then you will have to move on. And most likely he/she may move on and get with someone else. A lot of us will get jealous and want the person back but if they don’t want you anymore then again you will have to move on.

(Break up)-A lot of us have tried to break couples up to get back with that person. I see no point of breaking the couple up. It is not they (want to be together) but their is a reason not to get an old ex back with you. Usually getting back with an ex doesn’t turn out the way you imagine. If he/she left you then for someone else and to use a break up spell will do more damage than good.

(Break up/Revenge)-I don’t really see any point just to break up a couple for revenge but he/she cheated on you or just left you for someone else. It is jealously that gets to us. We will get pissed off and want revenge to break a couple up. If they left you for someone else their is really nothing you can do, apparently they did not love you enough to stay with you. But remember that there are plenty of other people out there to date and to want to be with.

A lot of you would not want to listen to the truth. Yes, the truth can hurt us but it is better than ignoring it. We all learn from our mistakes and not do it again.

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