Reasons why you have a hard time contacting, Lucifer

There are different reasons why you may have a hard time contacting him and to be honest, it is not that difficult to contact him. I find it very easy to contact him because I know he will be right there when I call to him.

Here is a list of reasons of why you might be having a hard time contacting him:
  1. You are not truly dedicated to him at all. (Being truly dedicated to him is every important if you are going to work with him.)
  2. You are not very serious about wanting to work with him. (To be very serious to work him with is not a game at all.)
  3. You are not very serious about wanting to learn about the real truth about him. (There are people who want to work with him but do not want to learn about him. To work with him and to not want to learn about his truth does not work like that.)
  4. You think that he is a genie who will grant wishes and will give you whatever you want. (I do not know where the whole idea of Lucifer being a genie came from but believing that he is one… it will not work out very well for you.)
  5. You still have the christian mindset. (To have the christian mindset and to still be afraid of him, you will need to get over the lies you were told about him.)
  6. You are scared to contact him because you are afraid that you are going to piss god off. (To be honest, who cares if god gets pissed off. All he wants from you is your Power, Strength, and Pleasure.)
  7. You are afraid of going to hell. (Hell is not real, It was invented by the christians to make you fear Lucifer and wanting to engage in learning what this path is all about.)
  8. You are afraid that god will abandon you and betray you. (What if he does? Why does it matter? god is nothing.)
  9. You possibly work with angels. (If you are going to work with Lucifer, you should already know that you should not work with angels at all. You gave that free will to work with that but it will mean that you are not a serious practitioner. Also, he was never an angel in the first place.) 
  10. You are not very honest with him. (If you are not very honest with him, he will most likely not want to help you but I will not speak for him at that point.)
  11. You are not very respectful to him. (To respect to him is very important.)
  12. You only want to use him just to get whatever YOU want. (He already knows if you are going to use him before you even try contacting him.)
  13. You think contacting him is a game or something. (When you contact him, you must be very serious. Lucifer would prefer to work with very serious practitioners. Not those kind who will want to fuck around with him.)
  14. You want to contact him just to see if he is really real. (Just to see if he really exist; Because you are an atheist. Very disrespectful.)
  15. You think that he wouldn’t notice that you want to use him. (If you think he is stupid enough not to even notice that you are going to use him for whatever you want, You are messing with the wrong spirit. He will most likely ignore you until you start to get serious and not wanting to mess around with him anymore.)
If you want to be a serious practitioner and to work with him, then you must be a serious about being a practitioner and being one of his followers. If you are not going to be very serious to want to work with him then do not work with him at all. He does not have time for those who are not going to be serious with him at all.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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I am a Theistic Luciferian Satanist, I work very closely with Lucifer. I have been following him since December 5th, 2013. He first introduced me on September 5th, 2012. • I am married to Magus Luciferian. He is a High Priest of Lucifer and Lilith. He works very closely with Lucifer and Lilith. He has a website called The Liberated of Lucifer

6 thoughts on “Reasons why you have a hard time contacting, Lucifer”

  1. I certainly would like to learn spiritual enlightenment from him. I feel he is an excellent example of self awareness and real truth. It’s hard to contact him or anyone who can help me properly achieve contacting him. It’s true I have looked to God in the past, though the lie I was taught has done nothing more than make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I need real guidance and actual truth.

      1. I have been admiring to worship Lucifer in my all life but it’s not easy to get connected with him…help me to succeed in what I want I have already give him my heart..

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