Showing loyalty to Lucifer and Lilith is important / Part 2

People in this path want validation and that is not what Satanism is about. They want to believe in this or that. It is all about wanting to feel “comfortable”.

But, when I mention the real truth about Lucifer and Lilith, they tend to lead to the other direction what makes them feel more comfortable.
There are so many people who are not truly loyal to Lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith. I get sick and tired of all this bullshit from other people but it is in their own free will they can choose to do what makes them happy.

It is kind of funny, those who run groups try to keep others from learning the real truth. Is it that they want all the popularity and to get well liked? They speak of things that they know others will like.

The truth needs to spread around. In this path, Lucifer and Lilith need people who are going to be truly loyal to them and won’t stray away from them.

-Luciferi Baphomet

First Part 

Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path / Part 1

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