So you want to make a pact with Lucifer?

Is there a specific reason of why you want to do a pact with him? Do you feel that if you sell your soul to him that you can get whatever you want? Why should you feel that if you do something for him that he would do something for you? Do you expect that he will give you something back in return? Don’t you think that would be disrespectful?
That is something that you really need to think about.


When I saw this statue it truly reminded me of Lucifer because of the torch and the broken chain.
The Torch (presenting Light and Truth) and the Broken Chain (representing Liberation).
When I think of Lucifer holding a Torch and a Broken Chain, It reminds me of his Light and why he is the true Liberator of this world.
A kind and caring spirit like Lucifer, why would you ask him for something when he as given you the greatest gift of all which was KnowledgeThe Truth, and Liberation (To free you from god’s dominion). He does not wish for anyone to be lied to or even be lead to eternal slavery.
So please do not be so cruel and greedy towards Lucifer. Accept what he has given you. Appreciate what he has done for you and everyone else because if it wasn’t for him, we would all be a slave to god.

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