Sometimes we need to let it go

Those who truly have a deep connection with Lucifer, know the pain of those who are not willing to learn the real truth. We feel the pain and the agony in our hearts. That pain can really induce to a high state. But at the same time, we must learn that not many will be willing to learn the real truth but to rather lie and say they follow him just to look cool and get more people to like them.

A true faithful relationship between him can be so extravagant. Sometimes it can be beyond explainable. When you have reached that deep connection with him… You will know and learn how it truly feels when someone is not willing to learn, it will hurt your heart that you will feel the pain.

But… in this life we must use our own power and energy to help those who are willing to learn and not back out of it. We must find people who are willing and wanting to learn the truth and to become a true follower of our great father who we call Lucifer.

From the bottom of the heart, we must raise our power and energy high and help others understand what the truth is and help them understand what having a deep connection with him is like.

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