The christian perspective of st. michael defeating Lucifer

In the christian perspective, christians believe that st. michael defeated Lucifer; which is false. They say that he wanted more power and worship than god which wasn’t true either. There is so much false information about him that it is actually really sad. But because of god, people look will look at him and see him as some dark evil being who wants to hurt us and ruin our lives. Those who strongly believe in god would not want to ever want to see him as a good being but rather see him as something so demeaning. They would prefer to believe in everything god says. They want to believe that god sent jesus here to die for our sins all because of Lucifer wanted to teach the truth to Adam and Eve. I believe it was used against Lucifer so god can get the worship and power physically. And did jesus really die for our sins? No. Million have been brought into this lie… a scam to bring people to their knees to worship and believe that jesus is the true savior so god can get all their power and worship.

In the Pre-Mortal World
It was about 1/3rd chose to follow Lucifer. They listened to what he said. By them listening to him, they learned that god only wanted our worship and power. god wanted to hide the truth but because of Lucifer, he wanted us to know the truth so we can free ourselves from god’s slavery.

And yes, god did grow much anger over Lucifer, but the truth about god need to exposed. But if it wasn’t for him… where would we be right now? He doesn’t want us to follow the lies of god but he gives us the choice to come to him at our own will to learn and follow… What he teaches won’t ever fade away.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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