The Dedication Ritual to Lucifer

The Dedication Ritual to Lucifer is very powerful and is also one the biggest commitments you could ever do in your life time.

Committing yourself to Lucifer is extremely serious. Once you commit yourself to him, you need to stay true to him. You must never ever lie to him, nor to yourself, IF you are going to be one of his true followers. You MUST respect him, and he will reciprocate that respect when you earn it.

He will know if you are lying to him, or if you are lying to yourself. He has no time for games.  Those that are not serious about this will gain nothing and lose everything.

PLEASE DO NOT perform the ritual if you think you will get something out of it. You will not get money, you will not get famous, you will not become the richest person around, and you will not become irresistible to women or men. You also must understand that you DO NOT dedicate your soul to him. You DO NOT sell your soul to him. He is NOT some kind of soul collector. He does NOT buy souls. HE DOES NOT WANT YOUR SOUL! 

Can I still perform the ritual if I don’t know much about Satanism and about Lucifer?
You should not. For most, you must understand what Satanism is about and you also must understand Lucifer’s truth before you perform the ritual. Understanding his truth is very important and it will get you to understand of why you would want to perform the ritual. Another thing is that, you must get to know Lucifer and build a relationship before you even think about dedicating yourself to him.

I remember that first week when I became a Satanist in September 2012, I did perform the ritual to Lucifer. I guess I should have waited but I felt that I really wanted to commit myself to him. I felt something strong about him that it was very powerful. I felt love and strength. I am going to be honest, I did not know about Satanism and about Lucifer when I performed that ritual but thinking now, I would not consider the ritual from Joy of Satan to be a legit ritual.


Please read why there is no reason to perform the ritual from joy of Satan.

Lucifer was one of the very first in god’s realm to discover that god was only wanting the Power and the Worship. What Lucifer wants the most is to able help others liberate themselves from god’s slavery. But they must be willing to let Lucifer help them liberate themselves from god’s dominion.

How can you perform a Dedication Ritual to Lucifer?


I have heard about bathing before rituals in the past. I could understand why since you will have to be clean and to have cleansed yourself before the ritual.


What if you do have black and white candles? The White candle goes to the right and the Black candle goes to the left. You can use whatever color candle you feel that is connected to you but I do prefer to use the black and white candle (Using white and black candles are my choice).

Pay attention to the flame on the candle(s). Just remember that you are the one performing the ritual. It is you doing the magick.

Altar Cloth:

What I used for my ritual was a pentagram altar cloth, I had the star pointing down. Like what I have on the picture. I have seen pictures that some people like to have their altar cloth on the wall over there altar.


Incense is great to use for the ritual, with the incense you can be able to see different things in it. You can take pictures if what you see and then you can go back to look through them (Pay close attention to what you have see. That may help guide you – to be able to tell you things and show you things).

Athame/Sword: An athame and a sword are used for guiding like for example the incense.

The Inverted Cross:

Please read the link about The Inverted Cross.

(The inverted cross is optional to put on the altar for the dedication ritual.)

Remember this, it is best to deny god, christ, and the angels when you commit yourself to Lucifer. If you are going to deny those bastards, say it with pride.

Anything of the Right Hand Path is nothing. The Right Hand Path is worthless. All they will do is just deceive you and brainwash you until you are a puppet to god.
The feeling of being liberated is wonderful.

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7 Responses

  1. Richard Sahley says:

    love what i just read.

  2. Dave says:

    Lucifer guides us as we serve him

  3. Muntu Jabulani Mbhele says:

    I wish practice the ritual one day,if someone can send me more information.

    • LuciferiBaphomet says:

      If you want to do a dedication ritual, it is best that you do one on your own. I did my own Dedication Ritual to Lucifer and it worked out pretty well.

  4. Oumar says:

    Hi, was born in muslim, Now since 4 years ive dedicated myself to Lord Lucifer.
    I’m doing the rituals every Monday, using white, blue & red candles. Also giving my blood on his sigil & candles. Im also using cinammon, rose & lavender essential oil & also dragon blood sandals stick. I feel great energy & feeling his presence. I really love Lord Lucifer more than anyone. Any comments will be highly appreciated.

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