The illuminati

So many people think that the illuminati has to do with Satanism. They think like “Hey, if I join Satanism I will get everything I want”. But a real Satanist knows that they are wrong and that they are posers. Satan will help people in the spiritual way. He is not a genie who will grant anything to anyone. Those people who think they will get whatever they want if they become a Satanist are more desperate for money than anything else. Most aren’t really interested in learning what being a Satanist is about.

For a long time I have been getting messages from people telling me that they want money and fame. I tell them to go study what Satanism is about but they refuse. I tell them to go get a job but most of the times they just rather live in a fantasy life. I will help them understand but if they do keep asking the same questions after I told them the truth I will quit talking to them.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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