The way I feel about Christianity

For the past few years being in the path of Satanism, I have learned how toxic christianity can be and it is not something to laugh or be happy about. I have been told that I am going to burn in hell for not coming to christ. And the fact that they tell me that I am going to burn in hell just for that doesn’t make me want to follow christ at all. What gets me is that the christians talk about “Love your neighbor” but go against those who don’t follow their judgmental jesus and god. If there god really allows his followers to threaten people to follow him, then there is something really wrong there.

If god truly cared about us, he wouldn’t use his followers to threaten others to follow him. But why would he really care? His only desire is to gain all the power, strength, and pleasure. But so many christians are so oblivious to who know they are really worshiping. But one day they may realize who they are really worshiping or they may not know at all. It all depends if they wake up.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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