The wise ones are the ones who listen

Millions of people have been brought into a lie thinking that if they serve god; that he will give them repentance. But does repenting really mean anything? I don’t believe so, but many others would believe that repenting to god will offer them life and protection. Would god offer them life and protection? I don’t believe so, but many others would believe that he will do that for them. So many are so deceived that they cannot see the lie that they have been brought to. The more deceived they get, the more they won’t see what life is like without god. Life can be so good without god. Once you discover what life is like without god, you will be loving life even more.

Many that are alive today who serve god could be free, but they wish to serve someone who doesn’t care about humanity. They serve someone who wishes to control and hurt humanity. He doesn’t want any of us to live the way we want, he wants us to live the way he wants. For example, masturbation, masturbation is a natural thing to do when you are feeling horny. There is nothing wrong with feeling horny, it is part of being human. Anything that is natural, he is against.

Since the beginning, god has been spreading lies to millions to keep them from knowing the truth. Why would he want to hide the truth from millions? The truth that he he hides from millions, he fears it so much; that if people start learning what the truth really is, they would start turning away from god. The more that learn the truth; will start turning away from god, which means he will have less power and control over their lives.

For many many centuries, the church has been teaching people that god is the good being and the Satan is the bad being. So many have been taught that if they don’t serve god; that they will be sent to the lake of fire and suffer for eternity. Many who are taught this tend to fear for their own lives or even kill themselves. It is rather sad that some will take these lies so seriously. They fear to open their eyes to see the truth instead of the lie. Sadly, so many believe in this lie. If they understood who Lucifer was, they would learn that he would never want to torture anyone. He wish to offer the truth to many if they are willing to listen. But those who listen to the truth are wise.

-Luciferi Baphomet 

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