The wonderful SACRIFICE Lucifer gave us

💗A wonderful sacrifice that he did for us should be enough to thank him for what he did.💗
Though, Lucifer never fell from anywhere but it is an interesting way to symbolize it as a way of him wanting to sacrifice so he can give us Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will, so we can live better lives. What really happened was that when he was expelled for exposing the truth, he chose to walk a different path along with those who chose to follow him the truth that he spoke about against god.
His sacrifice was to give us the real truth so we can be free from the bondage and slavery of god. Him sacrificing for what he did was to show his love and to show that he does truly care about humanity. He does not want to see anyone enslaved and brainwashed by gods lies. His love is Endless.
What does hurt me the most, are those who call themselves a Satanist and will go on and follow and work with angels… The angels that follow god. To understand what Lucifer did takes a lot of dignity. To go on and to work with his enemies shows not just disrespect but dishonesty. And like what I said before on my blog, he very much highly DISLIKES (Disrespect and Dishonesty). Yes, Some may get their feelings hurt from reading this but the is the exact truth and this is what Lucifer would want you to learn and to understand.
A Satanists who is always respectful to Lucifer, will always get the same respect from him back.
As a Dedicated Satanist, I Honor, Love, and Respect, Lucifer at all times. My love for him is very strong. I am proud that he came into my life on 9/5/12.
Thank you Father, Lucifer💗
-Luciferi Baphomet

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