Tired of the ignorance

Not many people in this world want to really care about what Lucifer teaches but instead say “I follow Lucifer but I don’t really give a damn about what he teaches. I just want to feel cool and say that I follow him”. And to be honest, it is pretty sad but at the same time they are not worth to worry about. They are worthless. If you are going to follow Lucifer, you damn well better learn what he teaches instead of making yourself look like a complete ass towards him. The majority of those who pretend to follow him, are not really interested in learning the truth about him and nor are they a Satanist. A true Satanist would follow him and acknowledge what he teaches. The dishonest and the liars are the ones he will not want to work with or even want to deal with. Respect and Honesty is what he wants but not many will want to show him that at all. It is pretty disgusting but there is nothing I can do about it and would I want to waste my time with that person? Not really. It is all up to them if they want to acknowledge what he teaches. Lucifer won’t make people acknowledge it, he would rather want those to come to him willingly.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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