Wanting to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer?

If you are going to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer… then it is time to remove yourself from the Satanic path. Lucifer would want you to embrace your sexuality, embrace the feeling of being horny, embrace the feeling of having some with you pleasuring you or even you pleasuring them. It doesn’t matter if it is two females or two males. 
Would he want you to be celibate? He would not want you to but it is your choice. Wanting to be celibate defeats the whole purpose of following him. Like what are going to be to Lucifer? A nun to him? All you are doing is giving your power, strength, pleasure to god and it is not what Lucifer would want you to do. That is what god would want you to do. He would want people to live a miserable life instead of enjoying it. 
Do not go against Lucifer’s wishes!

I am fully aware that I will get hate and get judged for this post.

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