Wanting to get tied down onto a pentagram

The thought of wanting to get tied down onto a pentagram gives me orgasms. I want to be nude & helpless while having a vibrator & a fuck machine right in between my legs. While the vibrator is on my clit turned on high, the fuck machine has a thick dildo ramming my pussy hard. While the fuck machine with the thick dildo rams my pussy hard I lay there taking it while I can’t move my arms or legs. My legs being so spread far apart that you could to see the cum dripping down my really wet pussy. While laying there helplessly I try to close my legs but fail and then I realize that the machine got turned on to a higher speed ramming me even harder in between my legs. The vibrator getting switched to a higher speed making me scream loud cumming even more than before. Cumming so hard that my clit becomes sensitive to the vibrator… to sensitive that I start to scream even louder hoping that they will turn it off but no… they leave it on that same speed. I try to move my arms a little but realizing that the restraints were on so tight that I had no control over my body. So tight that I started to even enjoy it even more. They up the speed on machine even more that the dildo starts to slam my pussy in so deep that I start to moan so loud. While I look my ankles and wrists being restrained by cuffs attached to chains on the ends of them I think of how much I was to take. Looking at the machine slamming me so hard I start to cum so much that I start to slowly pass out.

Please note that this was only written for fun, excitement, and for entertainment.

This is literally my first erotica I have written.

And please do not use this for any rituals.

Note: I wrote this last year.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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