Welcome to the Followers of Lucifer and Education! / Believers of Lucifer

I have created this blog to teach people about Satanism and to teach people the truth that Lucifer teaches.
I am hoping for a lot of people to learn about what I have written about on this blog. 
I am someone who is proud to follow and serve Lucifer. As a disciple of Lucifer, I feel that it is my job to get the real truth out there. To help many understand who Lucifer is, may change the way of how they see him. When they do discover that he is not evil but someone who is loving and caring they will truly see that he is not the one who causes evil in this world but who wants to help many. 
I am dedicated to helping Lucifer get many people to liberate themselves from the bondage and slavery of god. No one deserves to be lied or to be manipulated by god. god only wishes to lie to many so he can get many people to worship him so he can gain their power, strength, and pleasure. Never feed such an evil being like god your power, strength, and pleasure because that can be used against him. Never feel so guilty to have been giving god your power, strength, and pleasure because when you have discovered that you can reverse that and use it for yourself, he can lose all the power and control over you.
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