What can you do while you are in quarantine

1) Study and learn who Lucifer and Lilith are.
2) Learn about Magick http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/types-of-magick.html
3) Practice witchcraft
4) You can read “The Liberated Of Lucifer And The Art Of The Wise (Witchcraft) – How Does It All Go Together?” http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/wicca-lucifer-universe.html
5) You can learn from “Practical Resources and Doctrinal Notes” http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/resources.html
6) Read about Lucifer http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/lucifer
7) Read about Satanism http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/satanism
8) Read about Satanic F.A.Q.’s http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/satanic-f-a-q-s
9) Understand why christianity is toxic http://followersoflucifer.com/category/exposing-abrahamic-religions/exposing-all-of-the-abrahamic-religions

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