What I think the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents.

To me the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will.
Knowledge – Lucifer wanted to give us knowledge so we can think for ourselves and understand things from a different perspective.
Knowledge can be very powerful. To learn and to be able to think for yourself is a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t you want that type of freedom so you can be able to think for yourself? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? For one to use their own mind can be very exhilarating. Think of how wonderful it could be if you were able to do that on your own instead of letting someone do the thinking for you? It’s like the christians, they do not want you to think for yourself because they fear you will discover and learn things that you have never learned before, that is why they do the thinking for you – (“The thinking is already done.”). Do not let others tell you not to think yourself. Defy their bullshit and learn to think for yourself.

Liberation – Lucifer wanted to liberate us from god’s dominion. Why did he want to liberate us from god’s dominion? He does not want to see us getting manipulated and lied to by god.
The feeling of being liberated can be very wonderful. Wouldn’t you think being liberated from god’s dominion feel great? I sure think it would be great. But so many people fear of wanting to liberate themselves from god, so they will keep on following him so they won’t anger him. Fearing god can give him the opportunity to be able to control you and tell you what to do even if you like it or not. Why would you want to fear him? All you are doing is giving him is your power, strength, and pleasure. Why would you want to give him that when you can learn to use it for yourself? Sometime in your life you have to stand up and say “FUCK god!” and liberate yourself from his dominion. You can become so powerful against god, that god will start to fear you. To come forth to follow Lucifer and learn what he truly teaches can be so liberating. Instead of fearing god, let god fear you.

Free Will – Lucifer wanted to give us free will so we can be able to do what we want, but he also wanted us to learn that their are consequences to our own actions if we do things that is not right and that can lead to trouble.

To have free will can be great but sometimes you will have to think from right from wrong and surely, that is what he would want you to do. (In christianity, they believe that god gave them free will but the real truth is that; he did not give anyone free will. One of the things they believe is that, if you “sin” against god, you will have to repent for your sins and asked god for your forgiveness. And to be honest, that is not free will, that is brainwashing the mind and trying to control it. Now let’s be honest here, if you sin against god for something you did like, masturbating, having sex before marriage, loving the same sex, or even dating the same sex, then what is the whole point of free will if you did things that is natural to the mind and body? It seems like god is against the most natural things to the mind and body of a human.) Learn about the Free Will that Lucifer gave you. It can help you in your life.

How will we be able to thrive without him? I don’t think it would have been possible if he didn’t give Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will. He wanted to give us those wonderful gifts so we can be able to thrive through life knowing that he gave us the Knowledge, the Liberation, and Free Will.
Think of how life would have been if we didn’t have the Knowledge, the Liberation, and Free Will? It would have been so terrible and god would have had complete control over everyone’s life. We just have to be thankful that Lucifer gave us those wonderful gifts so we can be able to thrive on our own. Be happy and be thankful for what he has done for us and for humanity.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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