What if the youth could be taught what Lucifer teaches?

So many are taught that Lucifer is the “Bad guy” and god is the “Good guy”. They are indoctrinated to think that if they worship god and never do anything against him; that god will always “love them and protect them from the devil”. They are also taught that if they disappoint god, that they will be sent to hell. And telling a young child that they will be sent to hell is clearly mental abuse. You can’t tell a young child something like that, it probably terrify them to death and even have nightmares. They probably end up growing up doubting god and the religion. 


Why do I think children should be taught what Lucifer teaches? 


I think they should be taught what Lucifer really teaches instead of having them be submissive to god and listen to what he tells you what you can and cannot do. In christianity, they teach young people that being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, etc is wrong and “will hurt god”. If they ever have an interest in the same sex, they will be shamed and treated different. 
The difference with Lucifer, he would never shame you for being LGBT+. If you have the same sex attraction, there is no shame in that. If you find both male and female attraction, there is no shame in that. Both Lucifer and Lilith are very accepting and would not want you to fear for wanting to be yourself. If that person doesn’t accept you for being who you are, that is their loss. They do not matter anymore. Even if you try to convince them that they should accept people in the LGBT+ Community, they may not ever change, Find those who are accepting and will not treat you differently, 


Suicide in the Abrahamic Religions:

It is known for many in the Abrahamic Religions to commit suicide. Some believe that sin is so real that they take it way too seriously. They fear that if they do something that is so horrendous against god that, they will end up “burning in hell forever”.

And again, to tell a young child that they are going to burn in hell forever is mental abuse. Some parents will indoctrinate their kids to the point that they will fear their own life if they do something wrong. 
In the path of Satanism, Lucifer and Lilith would never threaten anyone that will scare or even terrorize anyone; because that is not who they are. They would never lead anyone to suicide. They are not barbaric like god is.

In christianity, they will spread lies that say that Lucifer will encourage someone to commit suicide and that is a complete lie. That is not who is and he would never encourage anyone to do something like that. He cares about those who truly follow this path.

-Luciferi Baphomet 

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