What really keeps the church in business?

Some believe that it is Lucifer who keeps the church in business which is maybe right to a point? What really keeps it in business are the lies that are told. Lies like Lucifer wanting more power than god or even god telling his people that he will give them eternal salvation if they follow him for the rest of their lives on their knees praying to him and giving him all their power, strength, and pleasure.

The church thrives on money and power. If they can get many people to believe what they say in church then they can get all the money and power they want. They can make up lies saying that the second coming is going to happen this year and the others will believe in it. So many people who listen to the lies are possibly the most gullible if not.

It is all about spreading lies and to keep people from wanting to ever know who Lucifer really is. There has been lies spread about him saying that he wants to “kill, steal, and destroy”. If they believe that he wants to do that to us then they wouldn’t ever dare to want to learn who he really is and what he teaches. They will continue to fear him and fear for their own lives when he doesn’t want to kill, steal, or destroy us at all. It is all about fear and control with the church. The church says that masturbation is wrong, sex before marriage is wrong, and etc. If the church can get many to listen, they can have control over them.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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