Why I choose not to do rituals and spells for other people

There is a reason why I choose not to do rituals and spells for people is because; they need to learn how to practice the spells and the rituals themselves. Learning how to practice witchcraft yourself can help you evolve more in your magick. But what many of you do not understand is that, if you let someone else do the rituals and spells for you then how will it benefit you? If you are too lazy to practice witchcraft on your own then I cannot help you any further.

It is time that you get up and learn to start to understand what Witchcraft is really about. Witchcraft can be so powerful only if you believe that. If you want to start learning about Witchcraft, you must study and learn what it is about. If you are going to perform a ritual or a spell, you must understand that the magick is coming from you and not anyone else. In order for your rituals and spells to work, you need to focus and you need to believe that it will work. If you do not believe it will not work then it won’t work at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Here is a link you can visit http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/types-of-magick.html

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