Why I think a Satanist working with angels is ridiculous

When I see a Satanist working with angels, my first thought is, why are they working with Lucifer’s enemies? Do they think that working with them, that they will get help from them? They will not help anyone at all. If you think they will help you or guide you, well guess what? They will lie to you, they will manipulate you, and they will lead you away from Lucifer teaching you the truth. There main goal is to lead people away from knowing the real truth. His enemies do not want YOU to learn the real truth!

And if you think they will lead you to something good in your life, they will lead you to becoming a slave to god for eternity. And don’t tell me “They are nice”, “They have helped me”, and etc. And do not give me that lame pathetic of an excuse telling me “But Lucifer is ok with me working with angels.” Bullshit if you think that he is ok with that crap. A true follower would never work with his enemies. They are loyal. They will never go behind his back.

Betraying him and even Lilith is the worst thing you can ever do. It should never be done. And why anyone want to hurt such kind beings like them? I guess that is up for those to decide.

People have told me that I need to open up more because I am “closed minded”. I am not close minded; I am not going to betray Lucifer. That is not what I do. And if you think you can get me to betray him, holy fuck you are damn wrong. And you know you can do; you can go fuck yourself. I will not tolerate the bullshit from these posers.

-Luciferi Baphomet 

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