Would Lucifer ever refer anyone to work with the RHP?

If you know Lucifer very well, he would never tell anyone to work with those who work with god. And why he would never tell anyone to work with those beings? They will only lie and manipulate you to bring you back to worshiping god. I am not sure why anyone would want to work with those beings but it is their choice to do so, it will mean they are not really truthful to Lucifer at all.

But the whole idea with these so called Satanists working with the demons and angels seems like a “big trend”. It is like “Hey, others are doing that? I should go do the same thing they are doing.” Many of these people do not even realize what being truly honest and loyal to Lucifer really means. “Yeah, I follow Lucifer but don’t give a shit about what he teaches.” Some want to try to fit in with the rest and you know what? It is not about “fitting in”, it is about knowing what Lucifer wants and understanding what he teaches. A high percentage of these people rather not even give a shit about what he teaches and that also shows that they are not really loyal to him at all.

It was a while back that someone told me that Lucifer wanted them to work with st. michael. When they told me that, it made things more suspicious. They told me that they have been working with Lucifer for about 10 years, which is longer than I have been working with him. And you would think they have learned much from him and got to know him very well. And it seems that they are blind and led by the angels.

In matter of fact, angels can manipulate and pretend to be a spirit of the LHP or even pretend to be Lucifer. If the spirit you are working with leads you to working with the RHP, that spirit is not them but another spirit posing as them. Be aware and do not fall for those evil vicious beings.

I have heard from these types of people who say that christianity stole the idea who those beings were and changed them to be angels of god and it is like, really so a misconception about angels now? Pretty funny when you think about it. So many oblivious idiots who would rather be blind, than open their eyes to see the real truth. This is another reason why I am trying to participate less in groups because I am tired of seeing ignorant bullshit what these people post.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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