You are worthy without christ

Those who are born into a family of christians, catholics, etc. They are taught and told that “Without jesus you are nothing”. If you believe that you are nothing without jesus; then your mind has become brainwashed. You cannot let yourself fall into these lies. Because the more you fall into these type of lies, you will become a slave to the religion.

You do not want to become a slave to that religion. You will feel miserable and depressed. You will feel that you are not worthy to want to live anymore. What you need to do is, stand up tall and believe that you are something without christ. Once you start to believe that, you will start to feel much happier. You will want to enjoy your life without the stress of believing that you aren’t anything without christ.

Just remember, that you can overcome this and believe that you are something without him. You can free your mind from all these lies you have been told.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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